Hi Im Johan from Belgium..

In 2009, me, my family, friends, neighbors, sympathizers,.. worked hard to protect this magnificent monument from demolition..

With thousands of signatures, over 500 official complaints and eventualy media attention.. We succeeded..💪

Then it was empty for many years till Lawrence fell in love with it and saw beautiful potention to save this building into it´s original beauty..

Since a few years we work hard with workawayers all over the world to restore it in all of its old glory.. These are travelling adventurers young and older looking for new experiences and we already had over 200 interesting volunteers.. In this community you don´t have to travel to travel, don´t have to take plane, train, bus or bike to experience all kinds of nationalities, foods and stories.. Philosophizing about life in all its aspects is a welcome addition to your mental backpack and we welcome the new and say goodbye and miss those who left..

Thank you to all the volunteers I´ve met who have enriched my life..❤️🏰🌏🌎🌍

Our ‘motto’: Work hard, play hard..

Thank u for reading our page and your interest in our project..🫶


Something else very important in my life.. It made me who I am right now as well..: Check YouTube: Baz Luhrmann ´Everybody´s free´ (to wear sunscreen)

Pictures that represent work and free time as a volunteer at Casinovatief: